The Emerald Isle

events. Depending on where you are in Ireland, the music on offer can be ballads, laments, and airs; jigs, reel, and hornpipes, taken from a national repertoire, according to a 1985 count, of which there are more than 6,000; and sean- nós, a form of unaccompanied singing in Gaelic. The best traditional Irish music sessions to join are the smaller ones, where, if you are lucky and everyone is in the 175 The Emerald Isle OPPOSITE & RIGHT: The fiddle, bodhrán , whistle, and flute feature heavily in traditional Irish music. The bodhrán’s frame is usually covered in goatskin. ABOVE: Matt Molloy’s pub in Westport, County Mayo, is owned by Matt himself who plays flute in the Irish band The Chieftains . Live music is reguarly played in the pub.