The Emerald Isle

The Emerald Isle the native Connemara ponies, producing a horse of surpassing hardiness and speed. The sturdy Connemara pony, along with the Irish Draught, which gives Irish show jumpers, eventers, and hunters their strength and great jumping ability, are among nature’s reasons for the pre-eminence of the horse in Irish life. Others are the mild climate and the country’s underlying limestone foundation, which provides the soil OPPOSITE: Semi-wild Connemara ponies can still be seen peacefully grazing in their native terrain. The breed is a riding pony of excellent quality. ABOVE: The horse fair at Spancil Hill, near Ennis in County Clare, has been held in June every year since the charter was first granted in the 17th century. RIGHT: The Gypsy Vanner is the prized breed of the Irish Travelers. The breed is now popular everywhere and highly sought-after. 143